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Versatility and organization. The "MUST HAVE" mobile accessory.

Medium-Sized Cable Turtle: This is our biggest seller, and you will see why when you see your cords
wound up, perfectly organized and tangle free. Ideal for winding and storing headphones and earbuds
without mics, small phone chargers, 'IDevice' cables in this tiny pocket-friendly case. The Medium
Cable Turtle will wind most electronic cables up to 60" long. Available in green.

Large-Sized Cable Turtle: The Large Cable Turtle is perfect for most types of chargers such as
the Babson computer charger, gaming cables, smart phone or tablet chargers, USB cords, 
cables and cords up to 80" in length. This organizational device will help keep your work space 
clean and clutter free. Available in yellow or black. 

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