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About Us

Cable Turtle is a student run business that is dedicated to sharing value to the community of Massachusetts by donating all generated profit to the Greater Boston Food Bank. We believe that there should be an end to hunger in the state of Massachusetts. This is a contribution to help fortify the chances of providing one meal a day to those in need.

Cable Turtle is supplied by a wholesaler known as Taobao, a Chinese e-commerce based firm which is owned by the Alibaba Group with its headquarters based in standards of business code of conduct in relationships across their supply chain in regulation with the law and the Alibaba Group Code of Business Conduct. This firm is dedicated to the environment which has some of its annual revenue funded towards the effort to spur environmental awareness and conservation in China and around the world. The strategy is for cleaner water and better air. This tremendous financial commitment is made to drive the customer's partners and employees at Alibaba to a cleaner world. Alibaba is also dedicated to philanthropy. It has been given the first charitable foundation to be given the government go-ahead with an initial capital of eight million dollars. It will be manufactured out of FDA Grade Silicon, a recognized safe material to use without containing hazardous chemicals.










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